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Application Process and Policy

Please Read Before Applying!

Our grants often fund projects to learn more about species that are often overlooked.

Next Application Deadline: February 1, 2025

Mission Statement: The Meg & Bert Raynes Wildlife Fund helps maintain wildlife populations into the future through support of research, education, habitat protection and habitat restoration.

  • The MBRWF shall act alone or partner with organizations or individuals.

  • The MBRWF shall underwrite projects or activities that preferably have local impact on Jackson Hole and surrounding region including the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

  • Projects to be funded should include an emphasis on species and habitats that are often overlooked by more traditional funding sources. These include non-game wildlife, native plants, and insects.

  • Projects should be based on science, whether field research, publication, or educational. Results of funded projects must be published or otherwise made available to the public.

  • Projects or activities should have a focus that will result in conservation-oriented action, not just studies.

  • Whenever possible the applicant should enhance the impact of the project through collaboration with other organizations or individuals with common objectives.


The MBRWF generally funds projects in the $3,000 - $5,000 range. Requests for considerably more than this are rarely awarded.

  • No project will be funded for an additional year without a complete application.

  • All projects must have stated goals and objectives that can be measured and evaluated when the project is completed.

  • The MBRWF prefers projects that focus on the local (Jackson Hole) region.

  • Grant monies must be used directly on the project described in the application. This includes travel between a base of operations and field work sites, but does NOT include other kinds of travel expenses such as air fare, long-distance transportation to study areas, or travel to attend/present results at meetings. grants do not help fund graduate school expenses, tuition or administrative/overhead costs.

  • The MBRWF is organized exclusively for (1) charitable, (2) scientific and (3) educational purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. (Our 501(c)(3) number is 27-5089685.) Grantee must fall into one of these categories.

  • Project proposals submitted by non-profit entities must include (1) a copy of a verification letter from the IRS confirming 501(c)(3) status and (2) a letter indicating that the organization agrees to our requirement that grant funding will not be used for additional costs or overhead. Both documents must be attached to the grant application.

  • Project proposals submitted by educational institutions such as universities must include a letter indicating that the funds will not pay for overhead.

  • The MBRWF will consider co-sponsoring funding efforts with other organizations that share common objectives.

  • Whenever possible, the applicant should leverage the impact of funded projects or activities through collaboration with other organizations or individuals who share common objectives.

  • The MBRWF will not fund the endowment of 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations or programs related to Political Actions Committees (PACs) or political campaigns.


Evaluation Criteria for grant applications

Proposals that meet the criteria below in a clear, specific and demonstrable manner will be favored.

  • The goals and objectives of the project are consistent with the MBRWF’s mission, directives, and this Grant Funding Policy.

  • The proposed project has clearly stated goals and objectives that can be completed in one year. If more than one year is required, the request must have a clear explanation for continuance. Progress and final reports are required by stated deadlines for additional funding to be granted.

  • The project has the capability to produce measurable results, based on achieving the project goals and objectives.

  • The applicant/organization demonstrated that it has the capacity to implement the project.

  • The MBRWF receives adequate recognition for funding the proposed project.

Directives to fulfill the Mission Statement:

Preparing and Submitting a Grant Application

Download and complete a MBRWF grant application form:

Submit a completed MBRWF grant application form (in Word or PDF format) with relevant attachments (resume of applicant(s) or bio statements) containing information pertinent to qualifications for the study to be funded. If funded through a non-profit conduit, a copy of the verification letter from the IRS confirming 501(c)(3) status, and a letter indicating that the conduit organization agrees to accept the funds without any additional costs or overhead, should be sent to:
PLEASE use your project name in the subject line.

Project Report Requirements

By January 15 of the year following grant award, submit either a current status report or final report if project is complete. Reports should describe how the granted money was used, discuss how the project objectives were achieved or explain why not, and state the conclusions and effectiveness of the project. Along with this project report, a one-page executive summary is required, along with any relevant photographs, maps or charts. Any images that accompany the report should include a photo credit if appropriate, and be sent in JPG format with a resolution of at least 1 MB so they can be readily posted on our website and used for promotional materials. Permission for the Meg and Bert Raynes Wildlife Fund to use your report and attachments is implicit, so please do not include any copyrighted images without the permission of the source.

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