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Sponsored Project

Jackson Hole Nature Mapping

in partnership with Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation

One of Nature Mapping's key initiatives focuses on counting Moose once a year, on Moose Day.

Nature Mapping Jackson Hole is a citizen science project initiated in 2009 by the Meg & Bert Raynes Wildlife Fund. In 2011, a cooperative relationship with the Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation built on the initial success of the program and continues to the current year.

Observations as part of Nature Mapping Jackson Hole add to a large data base that includes information on wildlife species, distribution, and habitat needs covered by state and federal agencies or local research organizations. This program provides planners, private landowners, and others with information about wildlife throughout the county that can be used to guide future development and land conservation.

Nature Mapping goals:

  1. Keep common species common.

  2. Increase citizen’s knowledge of and appreciation for wildlife in Teton County, WY.

  3. Engage citizens in long-term wildlife data collection.

  4. Inform management decisions that favor wildlife sustainability.

  5. Contribute data to the Wyoming Game & Fish Department’s Wildlife Observation System to augment state data.

To learn more about Nature Mapping Jackson Hole and to sign up for a training session, go to the Nature Mapping page on the Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation website:

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